Revolution and New Nation

Revolutionary Weaponry

Revolutionary War weaponry used in skirmishes throughout South Carolina. Image courtesy of SCPRT.

Soldiers, leaders, and statesmen from South Carolina were pivotal in our nation’s fight for independence.

Fort Moultrie

Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island was built to protect Charleston. The fort was built with logs from palmetto trees that helped absorb cannon fire, which inspired our state flag.



  • Francis Marion
    Francis Marion helped fight the British through guerrilla warfare tactics.
  • Thomas Sumter
    Thomas Sumter was a distinguished general in the Revolutionary War.
  • Isaac Hayne
    Read the story of Isaac Hayne, who was hanged in Charleston as a traitor to the British.
  • Bloody Bill Cunningham
    William Cunningham was one of several Loyalists terrorizing the countryside in revenge for Patriot acts against their families.
  • Richard Furman
    Richard Furman was a pastor who influenced the development of the Baptist denomination in the South.

Revolutionary War

view at the spring
Image from The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution, Volume 2 by Benson John Lossing, 1851.