Physical Features

Dorchester Roadside

Jeremiah Miller. Dorchester Roadside. 1989. oil on canvas 80" x 92 1/2". Courtesy of the SC Arts Commission.

Discover the mountains, lakes & rivers, geology, and climate of South Carolina.


Lakes & Rivers

Marine & Ground Water

Geographical Features

Longleaf pine forest
Longleaf pine forest. Image by William D. Boyer, USDA Forest Service,

  • Birth of the Mountains
    Explore the geologic story of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.
  • NatureScene-Forty Acre Rock
    Forty Acre Rock Preserve is an unique geological area boasting one of the largest flatrock granite exposures in South Carolina.
  • Barrier Islands
    Discover the barrier islands of South Carolina and how they work.
  • Time Scale
    What was happening in South Carolina in the Jurassic Period? What about in the Pleistocene Epoch?

Natural Communities