Food Culture


Meat and three from Doc's BBQ in Columbia, SC. Image courtesy of SCPRT.

There are lots of foods, ingredients, and cooking styles that have been popular in South Carolina.

Old SC Menus

What would you have ordered on a menu at the turn of the century?

African-American Food Heritage

African-American cuisine in South Carolina evolved from a mingling of African, Native American, and European foods and methods.

SC Stews

Frogmore Stew
Frogmore Stew

South Carolina cooks have several traditional stews that feature local ingredients.

Places & Traditions

  • Barbeque DISCUS
    South Carolina loves its barbeque. Learn more about the history and techniques of this ancient cooking method.
  • Carolina Fish Camps: Good Food at Good Prices
    Fish camps in the Piedmont region have a unique history as family-friendly seafood restaurants.
  • Taking Comfort in Heritage Foods
    Heritage foods have been eaten and enjoyed in South Carolina for generations.
  • What is Real Southern Food?
    Listen to a discussion of southern food with Dr. Walter Edgar; John T. Edge, Author and Director of the Southern Foodways Alliance, University of Mississippi; and Matt and Ted Lee, award winning cookbook authors.


Rice image courtesy USDA ARS

Rice has been grown in South Carolina since 1685 and was once a major industry. Come learn about the unique Carolina Gold variety that was a commercial staple grain for antebellum South Carolina.