First South Carolinians


Native American Pottery. Image courtesy of

Meet the Native Americans who first called South Carolina home.

Native Americans



  • Ancient Gardening in South Carolina
    What were people planting and eating in South Carolina thousands of years ago?
  • Primitive Tools 
    Learn how early people in South Carolina used the materials found in nature to create tools to assist with day-to-day life.

Prehistoric Time Periods

Native American moundNative American mound from the Mississippian Period near Lake Marion. Image courtesy of Wikipedia user Pollinator.

The early history of eastern North America can be divided into 4 time periods, each of which have unique characteristics.

Paleoindian Period (13,000 BC-8,000 BC)

Archaic Period (8000 BC-1,500 BC)

Woodland Period (1,500 BC-1150 AD)

Mississippian Period (1500 AD-1650 AD)