Citizenship and Economics

Map of the US showing the number of votes each state gets in the Electoral College.

Electoral College. Wikimedia Commons. 14 March 2013.

Learn about the rights and responsibilities that come with being a South Carolina and a United States citizen.



  • Economics DISCUS
    Learn more about economics, such as the economic system, historical development, and challenges faced by all economies.
  • United States Mint
    The United States Mint is responsible for manufacturing and distributing circulating coins, precious metals, collectible coins, and national medals.
    Play games on earning, saving, spending, and giving money.
  • Balancing the Budget
    Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Play this interactive game to balance the Federal Budget.
  • You Are Here
    In this virtual mall, you can learn how advertising affects you, how to protect your information as a consumer, and how to spot scams.