Vacuum Forms in black, purple, and tan

John Acorn. Vacuum Forms: Black Studs, Natural, Red-Blue. 1983. mixed media 42 1/4" x 66" x 4". Image courtesy of the SC Arts Commission.

Learn about art styles and folk art that have been popular in South Carolina.

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Charleston Renaissance (1915-1940)

The Charleston Renaissance was a cultural revival that celebrated the heritage of the city, led by artists, writers, musicians, and others. Check out the visual art that was created of Charleston and the coastal region during this time period.


Sweetgrass baskets have been made in Charleston and along the coast for more than 300 years. Slaves from West Africa brought this art with them and have passed the tradition on from generation to generation.


From Lowcountry plantations to one-story shotgun houses and the Carolina I-House, many architectural styles can be found in South Carolina.

  • Carolina House Types
    This presentation shows examples of lots of different architectural styles throughout South Carolina.
  • Shotgun Houses
    Learn about this unique house style found throughout the south.
  • Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
    Explore one of South Carolina's oldest estates, established in 1672.
  • Old Farm Houses
    View examples of farms houses in Florence, Williamsburg, and Chesterfield Counties.
  • Pis‚é de Terre
    This style of building construction with clay was used in buildings near Sumter, SC.


Like the range of architecture of South Carolina, the gardens of South Carolina can be whimsical or ornate, natural or exotic.

  • Pearl Fryar
    This topiary artist in Bishopville has a garden of over 1,000 ornate art pieces.Take a tour with the artist himself.
  • Brookgreen Gardens
    Explore this historic sculpture and wildlife preserve.

A Natural State

A Natural State

See how South Carolina artists express a love for nature by shaping, twisting, carving, and weaving materials collected from the landscape.