Theater and Film

Stage and interior of Dock Street Theatre

The interior of the Dock Street Theatre in Charleston, SC in the late 1930s. Library of Congress.

South Carolina has a long tradition of theatrical arts, from Dock Street Theatre in Charleston, to community theater and filmmaking in towns across the state.

Artopia - Theater

Watch a performance, be a theater critic, run a sound board, and apply stage makeup! Plus, meet South Carolina artists such as a puppet-maker, actors, scene designer and choreographer.

Theater & Film Industry

Sylvia Theater
Sylvia Theater in York. Photo by flickr user three15bowery.

Meet people in South Carolina who work in theaters and in the film industry, including actors and TV reporters.

South Carolina in Movies

Lots of movies have been filmed in South Carolina because of our unique settings.

History of Movie Theaters

    The American Theater in Charleston, SC. Photo by Warren LeMay.

    Did you know South Carolina has over 520 movie theater screens? How many are in your town?