Regions: Blue Ridge

South Carolina map highlighting the Blue Ridge region

Explore the 5 regions of South Carolina and find out what makes each of them unique.

Maps & Images


  • Web of Water-Blue Ridge
    Watch the video of the Web of Water adventure in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the headwaters of the Saluda River.
  • Lake Keowee
    Lake Keowee is a man-made lake used as cooling water for the nuclear reactors at the Oconee Nuclear Generating Station.
  • Chattooga River Area
    The Chattooga River runs through the border between South Carolina and Georgia.
  • Waterfalls
    There are many waterfalls in the Blue Ridge region.

Cities & Towns

  • Greenville 
    Find out about the events, history, arts, and more about the Greenville area.
  • Oconee County
    Explore the parks, waterfalls, and hiking in Oconee County.


Brook trout
Brook trout. Image courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • The Cove Forest
    Cove forests are special types of forests in mountain “coves” or valleys with fertile, damp soil.
  • Natural State-Blue Ridge
    Meet artists who use materials found in nature in the Blue Ridge region to make their art.
  • Jocassee Gorges
    Mountain rivers have carved steep gorges in this unique area.
  • Kings Mountain 
    Explore the nature and science of Blacksburg's Kings Mountain.


Table Rock
Table Rock Mountain is in Pickens County at the Table Rock State Park (elevation 3124'). Image by flickr user Martin LaBar.