Land Use

Child's hands holding peanuts

Peanuts from the Rogers Brothers' farm in Darlington County. Image courtesy of SCPRT.

Learn how the people of South Carolina use the land to grow crops, mine minerals, and fish in the rivers.

  • What's in Season?
    Discover what produce grows during each season in South Carolina.
  • A Look at South Carolina Agriculture
    These fast facts will have you knowing about South Carolina’s agriculture in no time!
  • Operation Peanut Butter
    Learn more about peanuts and test your skills to earn jars of peanut butter.
  • Forestry Tools
    Forestry is a big business in South Carolina. Learn about some of the equipment used to measure and maintain forests.
  • Poultry DISCUS 
    Poultry farms grow chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys to provide us with meat and eggs.
  • Tobacco DISCUS
    Tobacco is one of the largest cash crops in South Carolina.


  • Mining Maps of SC
    These maps show where minerals in South Carolina are mined.
  • Kaolin
    Kaolin is a type of clay mined in South Carolina that is used in paint and paper production.
  • Blue Granite
    Learn more about South Carolina's state stone.


Man and child in kayak
Web of Water Follow Ian Sanchez as he kayaks from the mountain to the sea!


  • Making Fishnets
    Watch this video on how to knit fishnets to catch fish and shrimp.
  • RiverVenture
    Explore the cultural and natural landscape of rivers in Columbia and Charleston.
  • Web of Water
    Follow Ian Sanchez as he kayaks from the mountain to the sea!
  • Shrimp DISCUS
    Shrimp boats along the South Carolina coastline catch shrimp to sell.