Human and Environment Interaction

Grace Memorial Bridge

The Grace Memorial Bridge in Charleston, SC. Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Find out about transportation, environmental issues, and other ways South Carolinians and the environment interact.

Transportation in the Past

  • The Railroad
    Explore the history of railroads and see different types of trains.
  • Unloading the Rice Barges
    This illustration from 1875 shows workers unloading barges full of rice stalks.
  • Grace Memorial Bridge
    The Grace Memorial Bridge in Charleston was built in 1929 and used until 2005.
  • Landsford Canal
    Landsford Canal was a canal built in 1823 so boats could travel inland from Charleston.

The Spirit of South Carolina

Explore the Spirit of South Carolina schooner that replicates a merchant ship used in the late 1800s along South Carolina’s shores.

Modern Transportation

  • Charleston Harbor Police
    Watch this video about the police officers who patrol the Charleston harbor.
  • Cooper River Bridge
    Take a look at photos and bridge design of the new Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge in Charleston. This bridge is one of North America’s longest cable span bridges.
  • Interstate Map
    The interstates of South Carolina allow us to go quickly from one city to another.

Environmental Issues

  • A Fish’s Wish 
    Print out this coloring book to learn about polluted runoff and how to prevent it.
  • Marine Debris
    These games and activities will help you learn about litter in the ocean!

South Carolina Ferries

  • River Ferry
    This ferry connected Beech Island with Augusta until 1924.
  • Sand Bar Ferry
    This ferry near Augusta, GA was replaced by a bridge in 1924.
  • Strawberry Ferry
    These Berkeley County residents go to church by ferry.
  • Cable Ferry
    This Georgetown ferry is pulling two Model T cars across the river around 1935.