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SC People

(1901-1970) William H. Johnson was an African American painter from Florence who painted distinctive modernist imagery of African American life.

(1847-1918) Benjamin Ryan Tillman was the governor of South Carolina from 1890-1894 who founded what is now Clemson University, regulated the railroads, and helped write a constitution designed to disenfranchise African American

(1977- ) Born in Hannah, SC, Josh Turner is a contemporary country music artist.

South Carolina Counties

Saluda County

Saluda County was named for the Saluda River, which forms one of its borders. The county was established in 1895 from part of Edgefield County, and the county seat is the town of Saluda. The Cherokee Indians lived in this area for many years. In 1755 they signed a treaty with the British at their settlement, known as Saluda Old Town. Scotch-Irish and English settlers subsequently began moving into the area, while the Cherokees moved farther to the north. Two famous heroes of the Alamo, William Barrett Travis (1809-1836) and James Butler Bonham (1807-1836) were natives of what is now Saluda County.

Saluda Theatre in Saluda, SC (2016, November 27). Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved 18:55, July 24, 2017

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Term of the Day

(noun) - a machine used to break a solid material into smaller pieces. Also, a mill is a factory with facilities for manufacturing.

Elementary School

Petitioners taking the oath of citizenship at Yellowstone National Park.

Learn about the rights and responsibilities that come with being a South Carolina and United States citizen.

Middle School

Turtle Tracks book cover by Sally Harman Plowden

Meet historical and contemporary authors and illustrators who have worked and lived in South Carolina.

High School

Book spines: Who Comes to Kings Moutain?; The Heart Calls Home; Gateway; Beach Music

Meet historical and contemporary authors and illustrators who have worked and lived in South Carolina.