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Front cover of his book

Ennis Rees

Ennis Rees was a poet, children's author, and professor. He was named by Governor Riley as the third South Carolina Poet Laureate from 1984 to 1985.

Black and white photograph of Virginia Durant Covington Young

Virginia Durant Covington Young

Virginia Durant Covington Young was a South Carolina suffragist, editor, and owner of South Carolina's Fairfax Enterprise weekly newspaper.

Color painting of Peter Horry with his horse

Peter Horry

Planter, solider, legislator

A middle aged man sitting at a desk with microphones.

Eugene Harold Robinson

Eugene Harold Robinson is a newspaper columnist and an associate editor of The Washington Post.

A red covered bridge with a white metal roof.

Greenville County

The origins of the name Greenville County are uncertain, but the county was probably named for Revolutionary War general Nathanael Greene (1742-1786) or for an early resident, Isaac Green.

A wooden build with a mill wheel is next to a wooden bridge surround by trees.

Pickens County

Pickens County was named for Revolutionary War hero Andrew Pickens (1739-1817).

A large white house with huge columns, dark windows, and gray stairs that leads out to a manicured green lawn.

Aiken County

Aiken County and its county seat, the town of Aiken, were named for William Aiken (1806-1831), president of the South Carolina Railroad.

A light brown and cream building with a metal roof and two small brick chimneys

Orangeburg County

Orangeburg County and its county seat, Orangeburg, were named for William IV (1711-1751), Prince of Orange, the son-in-law of King George II.

South Carolina Facts

South Carolina State Beverage

Milk was designated as the official State Beverage by Act Number 360 of 1984 because dairy farmers are found in almost every county in the state. The dairy industry is a one hundred million dollar enterprise for the state of South Carolina.  

South Carolina Glossary

Trees growing out of murky green water


(noun) - an area of land that is usually under shallow water. Swamps often have large trees and plants.