Physical Features


Weather Building
Postcard of the U.S. Weather Bureau Building at Columbia, South Carolina, ca. 1915. Image courtesy of the NOAA National Weather Service.

Lakes & Rivers

  • RiverVenture
    Visit The Three Rivers in Columbia and The Estuary in Charleston and explore the natural and cultural of the rivers.
  • Carolina Bays
    Carolina Bays are oval-shaped ponds and wetlands that occur along the Atlantic coast, many in South Carolina.
  • NatureScene-Cartwheel Bay
    Explore Cartwheel Bay, a Carolina Bay in Horry County, including videos, animals, and plants in the region.
  • South Carolina Waterfalls
    See images of waterfalls in the Blue Ridge region.
  • South Carolina Watersheds
    See the four watersheds in South Carolina. Watersheds are the regions where the water flows into a body of water such as a river, lake, or ocean.
  • South Carolina Map of Rivers and Watersheds
    Here is a detailed, color-coded map of the rivers and watersheds in South Carolina.


Carolina Bays near Marion, SC. View Larger Map

Geographical Features


Natural Communities

  • ACE Basin
    The Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto Rivers make up the ACE Basin.
  • SC Life
    Explore the wildlife, plants, and climate of The Cove Forest and The Salt Marsh.
  • Isolated Wetlands
    Meet the amphibians, such as mole salamanders and ground puppies, that call isolated wetlands home.