All - Middle School

Animals and Plants - Middle School


Discover the animals and plants that also call South Carolina home.

Art - Middle School

Robert Mills House

Learn about art styles and folk art that have been popular in South Carolina.

Be sure to also check out the South Carolina Artists page for more about painters, folk artists, and other artists.

Artists - Middle School

Michael Francis Blake Photographs

Meet historical and contemporary painters, folk artists, architects, and other artists who have worked and lived in South Carolina.

Be sure to also check out the South Carolina Art page for more about art styles and folk art.

Authors - Middle School

Books by South Carolina authors

Meet historical and contemporary authors and illustrators who have worked and lived in South Carolina.

Lists of South Carolina Authors

Meet authors with connections to South Carolina. Which authors have lived in your city or county?

Citizenship and Economics - Middle School

sc state quarter

Learn about the rights and responsibilities that come with being a South Carolina and United States citizen.

Civil Rights - Middle School

Septima Poinsette Clark

Many South Carolinians participated in the struggle for equal rights, including Septima Poinsette Clark, Modjeska Monteith Simkins, and the participants in the landmark Briggs v. Elliott court case.

Civil War - Middle School

Ruins of Columbia, SC

From the Battle of Fort Sumter to Sherman’s March and Robert Smalls, South Carolina played a significant role in the American Civil War.

Dance - Middle School

The Big Apple

From The Big Apple to the Carolina Shag and the Charleston, South Carolina has been influential in lots of dance styles.

Expansion and Reform - Middle School

Phoenix Fire Company

Learn more about the plantation system, politics, and culture of antebellum South Carolina.

Exploration and Colonization - Middle School


Discover French, Spanish, and British colonies along the coast and find out how colonists explored, settled, and lived.


Come learn more about the French and Spanish Colonial landmarks on what is now Parris Island. This island has been home to Charlesfort (1562-1563) and Santa Elena (1566-1587) as well as Native American settlements and British plantations.